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Music group ESTHER

Catherine (Katia) Hajdovska - Tlusta and Alexander (Lesik) Hajdovsky

Traditional Jewish Songs
You can listen, here, to 50 samples of these songs
(select CD, select song, click on "play")
in Hebrew, Ladino, and Yiddish

   example of samples from the CDs:  
   Hine Ma Tov                    play
 Baruch Ata Adonaj          play
   Durme, Durme       play
 Durme, Durme 2       play
   Tum Balalaika       play
 Amol Is Gewen       play
   example of videos from the concerts (on youtube):  

Shalom, Friends!
We welcome you at our web!

ESTHER presents a program „The Treasury of Jewish Songs“, precious songs of the people of Israel, the Biblical nation. This program is composed of a concert of Hebrew, Ladino, and Yiddish songs and narration of these songs, people of Israel, their land, tradition, faith, culture and humor. Program shows the beauty and richness of Jewish culture, as well as its spiritual and historical tradition. If the magic and splendor of the culture of a nation excites you, you can never hate that nation. This is the best prevention of racism. The music group ESTHER are two talented musicians: Lesik Hajdovsky (guitarist and vocalist) and Katia Hajdovska - Tlusta (vocalist and percussionist) his twin.

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